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Hire The Best Minds And

Accomplish The Jobs Fast

Project management is hassle-free with the integrated
tools of the advanced PHP based software.

Product Overview

Hire The Best Minds And

Accomplish The Jobs Fast

Project management is hassle-free with the integrated
tools of the advanced PHP based software.

Product Overview
Fully Responsive website

Are you in need of an excellent customized website? Well, then it’s your lucky day! Get a fully responsive website today! You will also get to post your project, invoicing options, admin control, free after-sales customer support, and a truly SEO-friendly product! You will only have to pay for the services after you, the customer, approve the finished website. You will enjoy having your workflow organized and the endless possibilities to choose projects you like! Try ordering a custom-made website today! As well as that, if you need to enhance your website with articles, look for best custom writing reviews. Essays might just help you reach the audience you’re targeting! But where can you get help if you’re struggling with writing? Best custom writing services have excellent reviews that you can always read through to make a more educated decision. After you read tons of positive reviews, all of your doubts will be gone.

We offer fully responsive websites that will work at its best on all web enabled devices like Smartphones, Tablets such as ipads.

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Fully Responsive

We offer fully responsive websites that will work at its best on all web enabled devices like Smartphones, Tablets such as ipads.

Post your project

You can post your project to outsource your work today. To post a project you need to first create an account and then post your project requirements.

Browse projects

Freelancer can browse projects based on categories and bid on those projects to get connected with clients and earn money.

Unlimited Categories

As a Freelancer you can browse through unlimited categories of jobs posted by a client, you can select the one as per expertise.

Escrow Payment

We provide escrow services and time tracking software to help you ensure that you only pay for work you approve.

Easy to manage the projects

We offer everything that you need to manage your job, from collaboration tools to payment.

Billing and invoice management

Efficient billing management and invoicing will help you reduce your billing errors and improve customer management.

Skill management

A Freelancer can easily manage and select task as per his/her requirements.

Flexible for further customization

The script is flexible for any further customization as per the business needs of buyers.

After sales free support

We will provide after sales free support service which involves a warranty, guarantee, upgrade or repair service.

Admin controllable

Admin can control the entire website from anyplace at anytime. Like can manage front-end content, all users and projects, funds and transaction history etc.

Membership plan management

Admin can manage membership plan and users can select plans as per their requirements.

User management

From user management admin can manage all user’s basic profile, portfolios, send mail to them, all transaction history etc.

Featured Job

User can post a project or job as featured job which is available under post job section. Usually a user can post a job on urgent and private basis.

SEO Friendly

The website will be made SEO-Friendly which will be beneficial for both search engines and visitors alike. It includes Meta tags, Meta Descriptions etc.

Welcome to Freelancer Marketplace: A Valuable Scriptgiant Online Marketplace Software!

Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a brand name in the field of software development industry. It employs multiple strategies and technologies to achieve best results. There are professional web designers and web developers who have the passion and expertise to serve businesses and all types of industries with their innovative skills. The team works together to create and develop visually convincing stunning websites , PHP Marketplace scripts with added functionalities and advanced programming. Scriptgiant always strive for excellence.

As a globally trusted name in the meadow of software development, Scriptgiant is a resource for PHP scripts. It can help those millions of beginners who want to start their business online. There are different types of products one can find here that can suit their criteria and business needs.

To build your Freelance community Marketplace check out for a productive PHP script product.

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How can Freelancer Marketplace script be useful For Business Owners ?

Now-a-days more and more people are not happy with their regular jobs. They are hunting for more job opportunities so that they can add a substantial income during their leisure time from home. This ever-increasing demand for Freelancer Jobs progressively has been helpful for business owners to outsource their jobs.With the increasing trend for outsourcing jobs worldwide, buyers are looking forward to develop their project online at competitive price by choosing a right skilled contractor through Freelance Marketplace.In order to help buyers build their Freelancer community our Freelancer Marketplace script can prove to be highly beneficial.

"Freelancer Marketplace is the best Job Marketplace software product that provides customized scripts to create Freelancer Marketplace portal."

The software is competently shaped PHP based product designed with all the integrated tools helpful for rapid operation of a feasible solution for Freelance Sale Script. The Freelancer Marketplace PHP scripts comes with web based administrative panel and has the capabilities to manage users, transactions, and all other relevant aspects of the system with just a few clicks of the mouse.Beside the aforesaid characteristics this Marketplace software has high end inbuilt accounting system which assists to monitor earnings, transactions, choose payment sections, sets commission rate and a flat fee chargeable to Freelancers and Webmasters.Hence Freelancer Marketplace script is becoming more and more popular in the business world because of its special features and cost effectiveness.

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