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Since freelancing is getting popular in the global market, the scenario suggests that in coming days, people will get the project and work from home. Apart from that, people are more turning into readymade products for building a website in few minutes. And for that people are looking for technology like PHP which is a fast growing, light weighted and secure technology with lots of scopes.

Scriptgiant‘s Freelancer Marketplace script offers a promising dashboard and an open source content management system. Our developers keep the client priority in mind and hence we build product very much user-friendly. Due to this strategic approach, Scriptgiants freelancer marketplace has been popular among freelance web makers. It actually comes with the features that freelancers and job providers look for.

The script keeps an option for tracking geographic location for user and admin including

  • Geo target facility to connect job providers and freelancers.
  • Location preference to fulfill job posting details
  • Freelancers location tracking through IP.
  • Interrogation of Google map to find where from the job is coming.

  • Project management.
  • Fund management.
  • CMS.
  • Member management.
  • Security.
  • Multi user login.
  • Mail template.
  • Message, e-mail.

  • Open/ edit/delete a project.
  • Assign new project.
  • Project date/skill/priority Manipulation.
  • Enlist a new project for admin, self.
  • Creating new functionality.
  • Easy going navigation.

  • Maintaining an account.
  • View all transaction details.
  • Request for extra faciliti.
  • Assign price for a project.
  • Fix the upper limit, lower limit.

When we talk about a job site it is important to quantify the quality of the candidates profile according to various scales and perspectives. Different recruiters have multiple perspectives according to them. Jobsite Marketplace bring a unique tool where a candidate and his/her profile can be justified by various technical, business and analogical skills.

  • Candidates technical quality efficiency.
  • Candidates approach of business orientation.
  • Recruiter can add skills or chose the skills they require.
  • Recruiter can view various type of chart (pie, table, graph etc.).
  • Recruiter can request for a special skill to admin; admin can add that.
  • Candidates has to fill their quality efficiency of various.
  • Technical/business skills.
  • Candidate will be given pie chart representation of their skillfulness.
  • Admin and recruiter both can rank candidates profile without intimating them.

Whenever Admin will enter the dashboard panel or a recruiter/ job seeker opens an account, there will be an amazing help menu panel to let you guide all the time. The menu is so strong that it is an absolute tool that everyone will wish to access to learn about the job site fast..

  • Attractive tool with complete guideline.
  • Easy to locate and in accessing.
  • Search option makes the user more environment friendly.
  • Cool search result with navigation.
  • This will never let you get lost in the dashboard.
  • Search anytime with anything even in the mid-way of the portal.
  • Admin can add help menu options with tags and keywords(topic title, search key-phrase).
  • One single help query might come with multiple answer and options.
  • Appearance of search result may be arranged as per priority or search demand.
  • Recruiter and candidate can request for more help/ query line.
  • Recruiter and candidate can post any help menu if they wish (to admin).

The features that could be availed by a programmer are:

  • Ability to view the enlisted projects.
  • Ability to browse a particular project though multiple search options.
  • Browse latest and enlisted jobs posted with searchable category.
  • Select a project and ask for efficiency strength to get the deal.

Setting up goal is an extreme important quality in career management; freelancer marketplace provides a spate window to schedule your target.

  • Easy and manageable project set up room
  • User notification.
  • Access through mobile.
  • Maintain calendar for seasonal greetings.
  • Maintain schedule for other notification to the members.

  • Well designed graphical representation.
  • Smart interface with supportive color.
  • Probations for customizing.
  • Menu and operational options.
  • Creating new functionality.
  • Easy going navigation.

  • Secure payment gateway.
  • High end technical support.
  • 3rd party password checking.
  • Complete assurance.
  • Zero technical complains.

  • A narrative instruction for installing the product has shared with the product kit. The information is also available from our site along with system requirements and pre-installation details.

  • Secure payment gateway.
  • High end technical support.
  • 3rd party password checking.
  • Complete assurance.
  • Zero technical complains.